David Williams is the son of a farmer who started riding at the age of six and attended the local pony club. He diversified into all weather arenas many years ago. He has many years experience and specialises in good drainage and attention to detail. His numerous satisfied customers include top class equestrian riders, both event and dressage riders, including horse trainers who use our all weather gallops.

Through experience, we realised that conventional riding surfaces were becoming outdated. They rode deep and involved high maintenance. We decided to make a range of surfaces that used silica sand pre-mixed with various synthetic fibres and small rubber granules that give a root like structure that holds the horse on top.

Our experience with Manéges and All Weather Gallops stems from a combination of over 20 years knowledge in land drainage and 15 years of horsemanship including dressage and show jumping. This together with attention to detail and using the latest laser levelling equipment and with our own dedicated workforce you can be sure that your Manége, Arena or Gallop will give you trouble free use for many years.

Near to 50% of our time is spent repairing arenas that have not been done to our specification , done by the 'local guy down the road with a digger' may well be some what cheaper to construct but very expensive to rectify.

There are many thing that can reduce the cost of an all weather riding school, i.e. the quality and quantity of materials, we have seen so many disasters in the past with arenas built on a budget and by inexperienced contractors where the construction is totally inadequate, where the arena is more suited to train dogs on let alone horse. And in many cases it can cost over 50% of a new arena to put right.


We never sub-contract out any work

Resurfacing work undertaken

Friendly independent advice on all surfaces


All our work is covered by a 5 year guarantee

and 10 years on Drainage

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